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Operations & Infrastructure

The workgroup coordinates operational activities and communications for OCCDLA in the following areas:

  • Develop an operating budget and identify data collection needs for colleges and state constituents
  • Management of financial agreements
  • Facilitate existing agreements and identify and develop new consortial agreements
  • Identify and implement communication strategies and processes
  • Manage communication resources
  • Review and revise operations documents


Collaborate and coordinate on statewide activities to support the initiatives outlined in our strategic direction statement. Administrative support coordinates all activities and supports cost savings by not having redundant efforts.

  • Improve the effectiveness of operations
  • Define processes and procedures
  • Clarify roles and expectations
  • Maximize resources
  • Effective time management
  • Improve communication
  • Maximize opportunities to collaborate

Consortial Licenses

Goal: Reduce the costs of instructional technology through consortial licensing.

Process: Provide web-conferencing opportunities to reduce travel costs and expand attendance for OCCDLA meetings. Develop enhanced video repository capabilities. Address compliance needs for accessible instructional media. Increase access to quality instructional content.

Workgroup Members

Ian Coronado – Lane Community College (Workgroup Lead)

Sage Freeman – Chemeketa Community College

Cat Schleichert – Mount Hood Community College

Ebraheem AIAthari – Southwestern Oregon Community College

Colin Stapp – Chemeketa Community College

Ashlei Emmons – Blue Mountain Community College

Kristine Roshau – Central Oregon Community College

Rondi Schei – Portland Community College

McKenzie Gentry – Statewide Affinty Coordinator