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Completion Conference 21

The Third Annual OCCDLA Distance Learning Completion Conference, is scheduled for June 4 from 9 a.m. to noon. This entirely online conference will feature:

Keynote speaker, Maritez Apigo, Distance Education and OER coordinator and English faculty at Contra Costa College in California, focused on designing engaging asynchronous student-to-student interaction in courses. Read more of Professor Apigo’s work here.

Two sessions of breakout discussions, including Q&A with Professor Apigo, facilitated discussion about best practices in online engagement, and time to reflect with colleagues from around the state about what we’ve learned (and learned to avoid) in the last year.


Session 1 (theme) Keynote follow-up: Interaction practices that work

  • Breakout 1: Q&A with Keynote speaker Martize Apgio
  • Breakout 2: Discussion alternatives?, Perusall, etc.
  • Breakout 3: Setting interaction expectations and consistency (strong, quality instructor presence; instructor caring)

Session 2 (theme) Reflections from 2020-21

  • Breakout 1: Managing the overwhelming nature of engaging with classes?
  • Breakout 2: How/whether to incorporate synchronous options in asynchronous learning (Is Zoom here to stay?)
  • Breakout 3: What will we retain/silver linings from 2021? What should never return?
All faculty and staff at Oregon community colleges involved with online learning are encouraged to attend, and registration is free. A stipend is available for part-time faculty who attend.

Conference Background

Online course completion rates are consistently lower for community college students than they are for in-person courses. In 2017, Steve Smith, the chair of the Completion Workgroup for OCCDLA, began a project to investigate what practices in Oregon were leading to improved student completion. Data was collected on courses from around the state that had the same or higher rates of completion than similar in-person courses. From this information and with the cooperation of distance learning administrators at OCCDLA member colleges, faculty members were identified and then interviewed about their practices.

In fall 2018, the first DL Completion Conference was held, bringing together faculty, staff, and administrators from around the state to discuss the findings from these interviews. A report, which included detailed feedback from attendees, was then sent to the state and all member colleges, distilling the findings and discussion from the day into areas for further exploration and professional development. 

Register now

Please register in advance and share this information with anyone at your college who may be interested.

Conference date:  June 4 from 9 a.m. to noon